Thursday, 4 April 2019

Hotlead and Army Painter 2019

This past weekend I attended Hotlead, SW Ontario’s premiere gaming event. This was their 25th anniversary. I’ve gone the last 10 or so years. 

The event is held at the Arden Park Best Western and this year I stayed over. 

Friday night I managed to get in on Daniel Hutter’s Roman game. There were 16 players using 11 factions. 
Romans, evil Romans, Nubians, Gladiators, German Mercenaries, Franks and a few others.

Daniel Hutter is a fantastic game master. Typically, there are several objectives spread across the various factions meaning lots of alliances and backstabbing takes place. My Romans were charged with bringing the payroll to the Roman fort and then going to the tavern. We achieved this result. Huzzah!

Afterwards a few of us retired for some scotch and brewskis. After a short sleep, we hit up a local breakfast joint for some great food.

Saturday Morning I played Le Cateau, a WWI battle where the Germans had to attack a British gun placement which was firing off the table on an imaginary German fortification.

Ian Tetlow was the Games Master and we used a shortened version of Contemptible Little Armies. 

I was the Germans along with my qHotlead friends Konrad and Matthew. The rules were super easy which was awesome since I may have been a tad hung over.

What I like the most about Hotlead, besides the comraderie is the Bring and Buy. Over the years I’ve offloaded a ton of stuff and picked up even more.

Here is this years haul:

The Crusader Russians are to be converted into Korean Chinese forces. I picked up 4 packs for $5 ea. A good deal. I checked the table again later and the remainder were $2.50 each. Truly a steal.

The books were all new and full price except the US Cav one. I traded the Cruel Seas spruce from Warganes Illustrated for it.

Lastly, this week I finished the 1st batch of figures for my 2019 Army Painter challenge. I’m painting a bunch of Middle Eastern figures from Spectre and WWI Arabs from Artizan Designs.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Latest projects

Lots of time since my last post. This year my plans are to continue with my Back or Beyond project and work on my Wild West project. That was it. I’ve maintained pretty good discipline thus far but I did grab 2 Rumbleslam figures and about 40 Spectre/Radio Dish Dash insurgents.

January and February have been busy with non hobby projects. I found a paint/stain hack online and have transformed my golden oak staircase to a more modern dark stained handrail and newel posts and white spindles.

The top picture shows the original colour of the stairs and the new stain.

The bottom picture shows the finished product with the white spindles. 

We also had new carpet laid on the stairs.

Several years ago I had 11 Wild West buildings scratch built by Colin Rush. They are truely works of art. Unfortunately, I’m not able to get any for the time being, so I thought I would try to mimic his style and usedthe excellent guide in The Rules With No Name by Wargames Foundry. 

This is about 1 hour worth of work. I didn’t photocopy the templates so had to measure all the openings which was probably the longest part. I bought a “Stick Cutter” from Kelvin Tools which made cutting the balsa wood super easy.

I used an artist board for the backing and 1/8 thick balsa for the siding. I have some 1/16 thick balsa for the trim. 

I actually cladded the whole bottom piece and about 1/4 of the one on the left. 

These will be two side walls and are for a 2 storey building.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Flag parties

I finished the various portions of the command elements yesterday.

The figures in peaked caps are my regular forces. The two in fur hats are my bandits. 

Each command section has 2 officers, a flagbearer and a bugler.

Each command section oversees 2x10 man squads and a machine gun.

I need a real break from Chinese but EVENTUALLY I plan on having 10x10 man squads. I currently have 5x10 man squads.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Cracking On

Just a short one today. Me and the boy got in a game last week when his school had a Professional Development (PD) Day.

The trees, river, ponds and embankments in the foreground are by BattleField In A Box

The hills I picked up for peanuts at Hotlead one year./

The buildings and stone walls are by Pegasus and the trenches are from 6Squared Studios.

There they are. The last 20 Chinese infantry. All painted and based. The 4 figures in the front row are going to be incorporated with my bandits. 

On the right are officers, standard bearers, buglers and a Machine gun crew who now have been partially based. Meaning I have 17 bandits and my Chinese force is finished.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

2018 Army Painter

Lead Adventure Forum started another Army Painter challenge sometime in the spring. It is scheduled to be longer than the previous ones running 8-9 months instead of the usual 6.

I decided to make the push and complete my Warlord Chinese. The troopers are completed minus bases. I also painted some tanks and armoured cars.

I picked up two Rolls Royce armoured cars from Hotlead for $10/pair. They were new in package and RRP is $35USD. A definite bargain. 

I primed them Uniform Grey and painted the metal bits bolt gun metal and tires black. Some Army Painter quickshade and they were done. 

One of the machine guns was knocked off and lost. 

Here is the second A/C

I also painted a Renault FT-17 tank from Warlord Games. I had a coupon and it was a good price.

The primer got screwed up and left a gritty coating on about half the tank. Or maybe some grit blew into the wet primer. I don’t know.

Using tape, I sprayed on camouflage. It pays to be patient and leave all existing layers of tape.

Lastly I picked up a used Copplestone Castings Leichter Kampfwagen off of a LAF member.

I sprayed the camouflage onto it as well.

Lastly a group photo.

Hope you enjoy it. 

Saturday, 23 December 2017


Haven't shown these guys here before. All are Gripping Beast SAGA Vikings or Anglo-Danes. Pianted by a member on the Lead Adventure Forum for me the last few years. I have 4 points for both the Vikings and Anglo-Danes but have added some extra figures for use with other rule sets.

First up are the Anglo-Danes. Two leaders and banners. Alfred the Great and Hereward the Wake. All banners and most shields are transfers from Little Big Men Studios.

 Here are two sets of hearth guard, 4 with two handed Dane axes and 4 with mixed melee weapons.

 Here is the first set of warriors armed with spears. The shields are either black & white, green & white or red & white. White is the colour to unify them to one particular fyrd.

Here is the second set of warriors armed with spears. The shields are either black & yellow or red & yellow. Yellow is the colour to unify them to another particular fyrd.

Lastly, I added 4 archers, 4 other heroic type characters and a priest to use with other skirmish sets like LOTR Strategy Battles.

Up next are the Vikings. Two unnamed heroes. The guy on the right actually came from the Anglo Saxon boxed set. Two banner men round out the group.

First up are 8 warriors with spears. Some spears came off during shipment and I haven't gotten around to touching them up yet. Shields weren't really done in unifying colours. but I tried to use ones that looked "Viking" through use of emblems and runes.

Next are the remaining 8 warriors with spears.

Lastly, two more hearth guard units. One of 4 bersekers cloaked in wolf skins and 4 armed with mixed melee weapons.

Next I added 4 archers.

And lastly 2 heroic style characters and a Pagan priest.

So that's basically it. I'd like to add another 8 warriors for the Saxons and bulk up the archers for a 6 point Saxon force. I did win a recent Wargames Illustrated contest for a 2018 free convention figure – The Druid. So I'll add him to the Vikings, for other skirmish games and maybe some mounted Vikings as well.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

More TWD:AOW and AP 2017 progress

This month has been pretty stellar for painting. This tray contains the Miles Behind Us expansion,  Tyreese, Glen, Maggie and Julie & Chris boosters. I've also started another tray this size. Still don't know why I'm doing two projects at once.

But onto more progress for the Lead Adventure Forum Army Painter Competition Here's the big guy himself, General Lee To Fat. I took the photos immediately after white gluing the grass tufts down so the any white colouration there should now be dried and clear.

Up next are 10 Dare To Die troopers with big swords. These are an elite unit of hand to hand specialists. I'd like to put some tattoos on the bare chested figures but don't want to risk it at the moment.

 I was happy to stop here but I thought I'd see what else I could start. And voila, a machine gun with the front and back profile.

I also painted the mortar. I love the character of the trooper eating his lunch. I don't think I could eat with my back to the enemy though.

Lastly the big gun. I noticed that some superglue lines have stuck to the carriage so I'll have to gently remove them later. I probably should have also laid out some wheel ruts in the ground but whatever.

So there you have it. With two months remaining, I have 20 rank and file troopers, 2 command officers, a flag bearer and bugler to complete and the force is done. I'm going to push myself and try to get my bandits and Chinese troop cavalry started also but I think December might be difficult.